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Diary of a Start-Up Used Car Dealership in Tacoma

We've Only Just Begun at Recon Ready Auto Sales

Okay, so here we are! We’re only a few months in and serving the Tacoma area with Used Cars (not to mention excellent advice) and affordable options. Recon Ready Auto Sales is and will likely always be a bit of a “work-in-progress”, but isn’t that WONDERFUL?!!! Our team is always going to be trying to find how to best serve you and anyone else looking for a reliable and reasonable vehicle. In fact, right now we’re already adjusting our latest round of inventory to help stock used cars that folks in this area tend to be looking for. We’re adjusting to become the kind of used car lot in Tacoma, that will be even more reliable than the great car choices we pledge to acquire for you.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL is to be a place where you can come and BEGIN your car-buying search. We totally understand that we may not stock the exact car of your dreams—let’s face it, we’re a smaller lot—but we also know that EVERYONE is looking for a reliable car, and EVERYONE is looking for a good deal. So that’s why we choose the used cars that we choose, and that’s why we tend to rely on the makes and models that David Jenkins has come to know as the more reliable and long-lasting vehicles on the road today. Recon Ready Auto Sales will continue to be a work-in-progress in the sense that we will always be IMPROVING our inventory and our way of working with you, to keep you comfortable with the process and pleased with the result when you leave our used car dealership on South Tacoma Way.

We’ve only just begun to operate and find our way as a new business, but already we are optimizing our company, and we are in the process of providing more affordable (yet reliable options) for you and your family. We love that we’ve already been helping folks get truly great deals. We KNOW that those folks will be sending others our way, and our research is showing that we should provide as many low-priced used cars as we can. Please check back with us, as we are getting more vehicles for you to come and see in a slightly lower price range than some of our first listings. David is committed to making sure these cars and trucks are as reliable and reasonably priced as ever. Hopefully, you will soon be able to come to our humble lot and know that an affordable option is ready for you, with David’s expertise giving you his personal “stamp of approval”.

Glad we could share this little update and we thank you for checking in on the best newer Used Car Dealership in Tacoma WA!


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