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Honda Cars are some of the most recommended used cars! Why?

Try it some time, ask your friends and family what vehicle make you should buy if you’re looking for a solid used car. One of the most common answers is “Buy a Honda”! But, why is that? I mean we all know that many Honda models are the most common seen on the roads every day. Is it just that they are familiar?

The perception with Honda used cars over time is that they remain more reliable than most. Many Honda cars continue to perform very well for their owners well-past the 100,000 mile mark. Historically, many American car shoppers began switching from the domestic big brands to Honda (and also Toyota) around the 1980s. It’s very simple—the Honda vehicles did very well. The result is that folks are for more prone to recommend these vehicles (and possibly even try to sell you theirs) due to their great experiences. So, the proof really is in the performance of Honda cars and the value they’ve provided. It’s also nice to see that they have held their value and can give an even better deal for the second or third owner.

For sure, used Honda cars in Tacoma or anywhere else, are not the ONLY reliable brand of used cars. And, furthermore, the resale value of many Honda models make them actually a higher priced used car than they used to be. Mainly, you’ll make much of the money back in the lesser need for repair, and also in better performance over time. At Recon Ready Auto Sales, we definitely tend to stock many models of Honda used cars on South Tacoma Way, where we operate. Not all, but many of the models are much easier to believe in—they are high-rated by owners and secondary owners can get a ton of value. At Recon Ready, you can buy as used Honda in Tacoma WA and get a great deal on the front end as well. Check out our selection of Hondas anytime, and know that they are not only models we like, but the cars are tracked down and hand-picked for their individual histories (and you can see those histories with the FREE Carfax reports we provide on EVERY car)!

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