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Diary of a Start-Up Used Car Dealership in Tacoma

We've Only Just Begun at Recon Ready Auto Sales

Okay, so here we are! We’re only a few months in and serving the Tacoma area with Used Cars (not to mention excellent advice) and affordable options. Recon Ready Auto Sales is and will likely always be a bit of a “work-in-progress”, but isn’t that WONDERFUL?!!! Our team is always going to be trying to find how to best serve you and anyone else looking for a reliable and reasonable vehicle. In fact, right now we’re already adjusting our latest round of inventory to help stock used cars that folks in this area tend to be looking for. We’re adjusting to become the kind of used car lot in Tacoma, that will be even more reliable than the great car choices we pledge to acquire for you.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL is to be a place where you can come and BEGIN your car-buying search. We totally understand that we may not stock the exact car [...]

Recon Ready’s Tacoma Used Car Blog is HERE!

Welcome to Our NEW Blog and be sure to check back.

After months and months of careful planning we present to you, Recon Ready Auto Sales. As part of our website and our efforts to make an impact in the Tacoma used car market, we are launching this Official Blog. David Jenkins, Jasmine Jenkins, and the rest of the Recon Ready Auto Sales crew is excited and ready to provide you with inside information, new developments, new offerings, and pro-level tips on buying used cars in Tacoma and Pierce County.

Please be sure to check back as we are sure to provide you with insights that give you a good glimpse into our industry and what drives Recon Ready Auto Sales to be different from the average used car lot. Even for those who aren’t looking for the best seller of used cars Tacoma has to offer, you might learn something that helps you understand the industry better. This way, you and/or your family can make [...]

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